Drowning in the Heat and Sun Blessed Maltese/Gozitan Fare

 Photo from DMC4EU

Nothing better than a Maltese loaf hot from the oven. Gone within minutes.

Photo from Olive Oil and Heart Blog

Hobz biz-Zejt (meaning bread with oil) is one of the most traditional and most favoured snacks on the Islands, especially during the summer months and preferably eaten on, in or by the sea.

Today was one of the rare occasions we had some time to spare and actually enjoy the fruits of all our hard work over the past two years during our re-renovation of San Pupulju. Taking advantage of those precious spare free minutes away from cleaning, odd jobs etc, getting the house ready for the next guests, we do the obvious and cool off from the hot mid-day sun in the luxury of our own pool. 

Absolute peace and quiet descends on our little Hamlet of Ghammar as the bells of Ta'Pinu tell us it is the middle of the day. By this time, in all probability, most of the Gozitan population have eaten their lunch and are now settling down to siesta away perhaps a bit too much red wine (some like it drowned in 7Up! ). We savour our little patch of heaven, but I feel there is that little something missing. I willingly drag myself out of the blissfully cooling water and eagerly go and fiddle about between fridge and bottles of olive oil and local bread. A few minutes later I am laden with a tray full of delicious Hobz Biz-Zejt sprinkled with our very own home-grown Basil and some spicy olives bought from our local mini market. A couple of drinks on the side and we settle down in a shady corner, feet dangling in the pool and savour the delights of one of the simplest and best forms of Maltese cuisine.

A perfect moment. Seated by my soul mate. Hobz biz-zejt going down like honey. A cold drink. The coolness of the pool turning the intense mid-day heat into a tolerable balmy warmth. Then to look up at our house taking in the result of a two year struggle bringing limestone, builders, wiring, plumbing, tiling, carpentary, and a thousand and one other jobs that go into a renovation, together. 


Anonymous said…
lovely article - prosit Bunt!
Bunty said…
Thanks alot. Experimenting with my style of writing at the moment - have ideas forming in my head right now and not quite sure how they will come out and in what form of writing.
Maureen Hughes said…
Certainly sounds like heaven!
So glad you are able to enjoy it Bunty.
meachen said…
made me feel hungry