Kahlija - from the Malta Fishing Forum

Parrot Fish - from Wikipedia

Amberjack - from Oceanwide Images.com

Burqax -  from Club-azul.com

Xilep - from aquarium malta.com

Gharusa - from Malta Fishing Forum

The crab that seems to be invading our sea - you can read about it HERE

This afternoon we went for a late afternoon snorkel at an excellent spot on the outside of Selmun Bay. We always see a great variety of fish here and today this boulder strewn stretch did not disappoint us. Above are just a few of the variety of fish we saw. We also saw a sweet baby Cerna (Grouper) which is always a treat. The ''alien'' crabs are also very noticeable here. We first saw these a couple of years ago and since that time we have noticed how they have increased and are now seen practically everywhere you go snorkelling. On the link above you can read a report in the local newspaper about the crab and other species that have invaded our islands.

Although I have a photo above of the  Amberjack , I did not see these fully grown fish but saw just two of the baby ones known locally as Cervjola . They could not have been more than around 6 inches in length.


Rebecca Cachia said…
Malta's parrotfish are these ones http://wwwdelivery.superstock.com/WI/223/4141/PreviewComp/SuperStock_4141-17537.jpg

Boz :)
Bunty said…
Thanks Boz - couldn't find one.
Bunty said…
Though I see more of the ones similar to the pic above - more on the blue purply side rather than red.