Queen's Diamond Jubillee

The Pageant Route taken from www.boat.com

Taken from www.flickr.com

Queen insepcting the Gloriana
taken from The Daily Mail 

The Spirit of Chartwell
Taken from The Daily Mail

Only the Brits can create, or should I say recreate, all the pomp and pageantry of yesteryear. There is nothing quite like the British monarchy and now with the Diamond Jubillee we are fortunate enough to witness all of this wherever we are in the world. Although the main focus, at time of typing, is on the River Thames, there are garden parties, street parties and events of all sorts happening throughout England. It is a rare opportunity when most of the English population comes together to celebrate a remarkable event with a remarkable woman at centre stage.

May I add that there is even  a street party going on as I type in the Citadella in Gozo.You can read more about it on this LINK