First Inshore Race of Giraglia Week 2012

Photo by Kurt Arrigo for Rolex

I think the above photo is amazing - taken by our very own home grown sailing photographer KURT ARRIGO

Yesterday saw the start of the first inshore race in St. Tropez in very breezy conditions. Our lads on ARTIE, unfortunately, it seems did not have such a good start but I reckon they must have made up for some of that as they still managed to come in a very creditable 16th position overall in the race and at present stand 4th in their class.

The other Maltese boat racing - also a J122 like ARTIE - is Otra Vez. It looks like they came in one place ahead of ARTIE yesterday. I am reckoning that there will be another competition going on at the same time as the Giraglia and that will be a private one between ARTIE and OV. Whatever the outcome I am quite sure they will both be able to keep their heads held high and return to Malta proving that our sailors are capable of putting Malta on the map in more ways than one.

Today the inshore race was due to start early at 9am. Forecast for today is also strong winds. As each day comes and goes this week there are many back home eagerly awaiting the results of the day.