Notte Gozitana 2012

Last weekend saw another edition of the Lejliet Lapsi, or Notte Gozitana as it is also known. A cultural activity of dance, song, musical events, re-enactments, local food, exhibitions and much more. Below are just a few photos I took.

Above was an anniversary present to us by stone sculptor Anthony Grima who lives just opposite Dar Ghax-Xemx in Gozo

Local folk group playing traditional instruments

Re-enactment in the entrance gate and square of the Citadella

A photograph which was exhibited in the George Cross exhibition in the Citadella. Sir George Borg received the GC on behalf of the Maltese people . Sir George Borg is my husband's grandfather and the photograph was donated by my mother-in-law.

Some of the palm trees in the newly revamped Rundle Gardens at the bottom of the main road in Victoria. They have done a wonderful job and the gardens now have a small amphitheatre and circular pond with a bridge over it. A lovely place to sit and enjoy the quiet or read a book.


Maureen Hughes said…
What a lovely anniversary gift,-something special. Talking of anniversaries, is your Mum 81 next week? I am losing track ofages!