Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Maltese Islands Said to Have the 2nd Best Seas for Bathing in the EU

Photo taken from

It is great news to read that Malta has the second best bathing waters in the EU. We always comment on how lucky we are out here having such beautifully blue and clean sea. Having said that in the middle of August, after weeks of a very still sea with little current, the clarity is certainly not at its best, but that cannot be helped.  I would hate to go swimming off the crowded sandy beaches in the middle of summer. Nevertheless, it only needs a day of strong wind and the day after there is a noticeable difference in the clarity of the water.

You can read the full report on this LINK in the Times of Malta online.

Notte Gozitana 2012

Last weekend saw another edition of the Lejliet Lapsi, or Notte Gozitana as it is also known. A cultural activity of dance, song, musical events, re-enactments, local food, exhibitions and much more. Below are just a few photos I took.

Above was an anniversary present to us by stone sculptor Anthony Grima who lives just opposite Dar Ghax-Xemx in Gozo

Local folk group playing traditional instruments

Re-enactment in the entrance gate and square of the Citadella

A photograph which was exhibited in the George Cross exhibition in the Citadella. Sir George Borg received the GC on behalf of the Maltese people . Sir George Borg is my husband's grandfather and the photograph was donated by my mother-in-law.

Some of the palm trees in the newly revamped Rundle Gardens at the bottom of the main road in Victoria. They have done a wonderful job and the gardens now have a small amphitheatre and circular pond with a bridge over it. A lovely place to sit and enjoy the quiet or read a book.

Friday, May 18, 2012

ARTIE in Regatta News

Apologies but do not know who took the above photos - I think they may be official Rolex ones

ARTIE has had a well deserved mention in the latest write up about the upcoming ROLEX GIRAGLIA in June in Regatta News . This is what they said:

''There are always newcomers on the start list, but few will match the pedigree of the 40-foot Artie(MLT), owned by Lee Satariano and co-skippered by Christian Ripard. In their previous competitive offshore outing the combination were the first Maltese in ten years to win the hugely demanding 606-nm Rolex Middle Sea Race. This is Satariano’s first venture away from home waters, something he is looking forward to, “it will be a great challenge, but we’re all up for it. The most important characteristic we possess is a motivated crew. After that consistency is a major factor, as is good preparation.”
If you want to read the full write up press on this LINK

The ARTIE crew will be leaving at the beginning of June - a new event they are looking forward to and another to add to their increasing list of experience as a team.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some Wind At Last

Finally got some wind and had a great sail yesterday afternoon in Ghallis. Used my Evo81 and Tushingham 4.7m and wore my shorty for the first time this season. Love sailing in the warmer weather. Wind really came up by the end and the 4.7 was way too big for me to handle but enjoyed every minute of it. As I have replaced my GoPro am trying to get some more footage but would like to get some of the other guys with me filming in the water . Need to get some fins on and swim into the channel near the Island. Above are just a couple of shots I took off the video. One was taken a couple of weeks back and the other two yesterday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tom Hanks in Malta

Above pics were taken off the Daily Mail article

Tom Hanks has been here in Malta for a while now filming his thriller called Captain Philips.
You can read the whole article in the Daily Mail on this LINK
It's nice to see that he could walk around without being harassed in any way. I imagine most people did not even know that it was Tom Hanks walking down the promenade. From what I have heard this next year is going to be quite a busy year here in Malta with the film industry - it seems to be flourishing right now which is good news for the island in many ways.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Malta 49er Just Misses a Place in the Olympics

Unfortunately, our Malta 49er team - Seb & Ben - just missed a place in this year's Olympics in London. There were 5 places left and were a close 6th. A big disappointment for them to be so close yet so far but what these two lads have achieved in the past few years is quite amazing. Their funds were probably the lowest from any or most of the teams racing. Although they had very supportive local sponsors I doubt very much if it was enough to cover all their expenses. It is also unfortunate that government support for sports in general in Malta is minimal. I have to admit (very shamefully) that I was one of the sceptics when they started out on this venture but was quickly proved wrong when I followed the fast rate of their improvement. The 49er class is probably one of the most difficult classes to race in as the boat itself is a terrific challenge to sail. 

Pics taken off Malta49er

So now they look ahead to the Olympics in Rio in 2016 - I am sure they will be in a much better position to clinch one of those coveted places representing their country in this prestigious 4 yearly event.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

IMF praises growth -

IMF praises growth -

Steps away from death -

Steps away from death -

Team Seb & Ben Doing Pretty Well in Croatia - 49er Worlds

Seb & Ben - our Maltese lads who are trying to gain one of the last remaining places to take part in the Olympic games this summer - are not so far away from gaining one of those coveted places. It all depends on how they do today which is the last day of racing at the 49er World Championships in Croatia.  You can see more about it on the links below.    for live streaming of the event  latest update on their blog

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Olympic Decision Uproar in Windsurfing World

This week all hell seems to have been let loose as the news has hit the windsurfing headlines that the windsurfing discipline is to be scrapped from the 2016 Olympics and kitesurfing is to take it's place.

Good news for the kiters and I think it is great that the sport has got into the Olympics but find it a mystery why they could not have had both sailing disciplines.

Numerous articles are being published discussing the issue right now. There is even a petition going around for the Olympic committee to go back on their decision. Some of these articles can be seen on the links below.

The petition

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Malta 49ers - Final Leg - Is it a Yes or No for the Olympics?

Seb and Ben are now in Croatia preparing for the last event which will be the deciding factor whether they will make it or not to compete in the London Olympic Games in the 49er class.
They had a very good event in Hyeres - the strong wind being in their favour.
Read the full article on this LINK


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ever see an RSX Airborne?

An amazing pic taken from Neil Pryde - to be able to get air like the pic above on an RSX is quite amazing.

One of the Best Climates on Earth

An article, which was printed last year, has just come to my attention - so this is a year late but still worth a mention. Apparently Malta was voted (actually it was a tie with Zimbabwe) as having the best climate on Earth! To read more about it click on this LINK


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