Happy Easter to All - You can now Eat your Figolli!

Photo taken from www.di-ve.com

Photo taken from www.mydiversekitchen.com

In Malta and Gozo the traditional Easter gift is a FIGOLLA which is basically pastry shapes with an almond filling. A good figolla is delicious and should be moist and made with real almonds. If a figolla is dry then it is almost inedible. If you don't make them yourself then it is worth paying a bit extra to buy one from certain well  known establishments or 'home made' ones sold at charity bazaars etc.

After the fasting in lent, the figolla is meant to be a sweet treat to be eaten on Sunday to celebrate Easter - the Resurrection.

During lent at school children often have figolla making sessions which ends with great excitement as they take their figolli home with proud looks on their faces.

This morning it was lovely to see all the children at Sunday Mass come with their figolli to be blessed and their ''karus'' - another lovely local tradition. The ''karus'' is a little box filled with all the pennies the children have saved during lent (supposedly the pennies they would have spent on sweets and chocolates which they gave up for lent). The children file up the aisle to present their ''karus'' to the priests and these funds will go to charitable institutions.