Comfort in the Familiar

The above is my local church in Mellieha which is dedicated to the birth of Our Lady the Virgin Mary.
After daily mass this morning I was walking out of church listening to the familiar sound of voices (generally coming from the rather advanced in years) from people I see at church almost every day. 
''Aw Fredu''
''Orrajt Guz?''
''Bongu Mari''

And so the daily familiar greetings go on and the usual small huddles of people stop for a quick chat - usually saying the same they have already made their Minestra (vegetable soup) for todays lunch, or they are off to buy some fresh bread, the air is still cold and weather unsettled or what a lovely day today - very good for drying the clothes,
have you been fishing lately?
are you going to the field today?

Normal day to day chit chat for the average Maltese housewife and retired male counterpart.

As I walked back to the car listening to all this around me it gave me that very comfortable satisfying feeling one feels with the reliability of day to day normal events that go on in a village. Maybe it is the comfort of knowing that each day that goes by that will always be there............but then will it? Will the younger generation, or even my own generation carry it on?
One wonders!