Saturday, March 10, 2012

Update 4: Strong wind causes trail of damage -

Update 4: Strong wind causes trail of damage -


Mel Sims said...

Hi Bunty, love the site, great wind, wonder if my house is still standing?
Question is can you hire windsurfing equipment on Gozo, spent ages looking but can't find anywhere.
Help, Best wishes,

Bunty said...

No you can't rent in Gozo. Where abouts is your house. We have certainly had our share of rain and strong wind lately!
Re renting the only thing I can suggest is renting from the Surf Shack under Point Break restaurant on the beach at Mellieha Bay and taking it over to Gozo with you - that is if you rent it for a few days ofcourse.
You can contact Joe on
Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

You are a total star, Mellieha is pretty close really, so no problem. My house is up at Nadur, can't wait to get back, stuck in UK at present, roll on the hols!
Thanks again, Mel


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