Forward loop and break your mast

Footage taken with GoPro by Bunty

We had some great conditions yesterday. I was on a 4.2m but overpowered then later on over overpowered. Alot of ''oldies'' turned up for this great session and it was great to see windsurfers outnumbering kites once again. Poor Darius had only been down a few minutes before he broke his mast as seen above.


sjk said…
Superb footage Bunty! Hope you can get back soon and ride those waves!!
Bunty said…
I love photography, especially taking film of watersports. Have made a few home movies which you can find on my Youtube station under Bunty61. I have improved as I have gone along and am now planning a new one cos haven't done anything for along time. Had all my camera gear stolen back in October but am gradually re-gearing up again. Problem right now is TIME!!