Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday, March 09, 2012

More on the Renovation of ''San Pupulju''

It's always interesting renovating or sprucing up old pieces of furniture. Wood was always very precious years ago (and still is) in most areas of the world - not least in Malta which has no wood of its own. Years ago anything imported either came in jute sacks or wooden crates, and these wooden crates where all utilised to their fullest as is shown in the photo above. The bottom and backings of drawers and cupboards, aged around 40 years or older, are usually made from old crates - this particular one obviously went through Colombo at some time in its life.

What's Going on with the Weather?

Last week I was convinced Spring was here at last and the worst of Winter was over. Local small time fishermen launched their boats to do a bit of fishing after a long wait during the past grizzly cold weeks.

Torrential rain, cold strong winds.............and more destruction to our dear neighbour's fields which have been washed out time and time again this winter. The above picture shows the enormous volume of water that came down on Wednesday in Gozo. The little road infront of ''San Pupulju'' was totally flooded.

Today: the rain is still coming down!


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