Carnival Weekend Over In Gozo

Cic has to lay claim to anything worth climbing into!

 Our neighbour cooked us one of her delicious pies made with the local fresh ''Gbejniet'' (goat's cheese)

 Work progressed well on our house renovation and I got through alot of jobs that needed concluding. One of them is applying the mosaic to the bathroom mirror (above). Happy to say that the house is now in a position to receive the rest of the furniture back next weekend. Still not ready but very close now.
 It has become tradition now that during Carnival the local lads convert their farm tractors into a mobile full blast mobile disco with decoration on their little carts. Unfortunately it was raining so their decoration was covered with plastic for protection. Note the cart is not a cart but half a car!

Above: Not quite sure why they are towing a boat.............incase of flooding maybe! 


sjk said…
Lovely job on that mosaic mirror! I enjoy making things for the home too, like my own soft furnishings. It's very satisfying.
Bunty said…
I am very much at home with tools in my hand - not so much with sewing implements (that is putting it mildly!). This mosaic mirror hates me though!! I had so many problems with it and then when it was all done and glass put in I left it lying flat on a blanket on the floor. A few days later I noticed a crack had developed in the top corner!!! GRRR! Still have not decided whether to just ignore the crack and leave it as it is or change the glass. Thing is the glass was pretty expensive just on its own and I have so many other things to worry about to finish off the renovation. Think I will turn a blind eye then think about it at a later date.