Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Past Photos

Really missing all my stolen camera equipment right now. So decided to just put up some random shots taken in the past year or so - nostalgia for my camera/s.

A Lampuka - our national fish so to speak. In English known as Dolphin Fish

John doing a vulcan during one of our gale force days in Ghallis

Sherborne Abbey in Dorset England. Taken back in June 2011. A beautiful building inside and out

The amazing roof of Sherborne Abbey

A slightly older photo of John airborne at Torri with Tommy looking on

Taken form near the lighthouse above Ghasri, Gozo looking down towards Ghammar and Ta'Pinu Basilica

Looking down from the lighthouse and over toward the hill of Ghammar which is right in front of our house San Pupulju

Gamblu riding a great wave in Ghallis

Gamblu - Ghallis

Gamblu and John swimming ontop of the wave!

John sailing switchstance

Martin and Steve Meachen on 'Mischief' on a perfect summer's day. That day was probably the best day of my summer. Great day out with some great sailing, great food, and (dare I say it!) great company!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Matthew Mirabelli's Latest Kitesurfing Video

Matt is one of our local kitesurfers and is a professional photographer. Go onto his WEBSITE to see some of his brilliant work. Below is the link to his latest kitesurfing video he took on Friday down at the beach.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Boat Could Mean Anything that Floats!

My good friend HORSEY puts up loads of amazing pictures of an assortment of watercraft. Below are some funny watercraft I thought worth posting.

I would call this a ''boys toys'' water craft

If you live in a 'prone to flooding' zone I suggest you keep an engine handy in a corner of the house

A left over from the 60's era

I suppose this beats scrapping your car

Well the picture says it all!


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