Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Place to Go Back To + Windsurfing Gear

Mount Etna in the distance. Just before we arrived in Sicily it was spewing quite a bit of ash and the day before some flights were delayed or cancelled. It also had a small snowfall whilst we there, just enough for a small section of the top of the volcano to be covered in snow.

The beach at Marispica. This beach starts further down the coast and goes on for miles and miles. First class place to windsurf or kitesurf - during winter they get some pretty big waves. There is also a brilliant windsurfing destination a few hours drive to the West at Puzziteddu or Mazara del Vallo.

More Pics of Sicily (Click on pics to get full view)

Lovely farmhouse which seems to be in use still at the beginning of our walk through the valley in Cava d'Ispica

The inhabited caves (as they were) in Cava d'Ispica. The above one is the actual sleeping accommodation at the flour mill which was still in use until the late 1950's. I loved the red baby's cradle - it made so much sense hanging just above the bed.............baby crying at night just stick your foot in the air and give it a rock!

I am not very good when it comes to flora and fauna but think this is a Frangipani flower. They smell out of this world and brings back memories of Bali.

This was our entrance gate/drive to Villa Tromabdore where we were staying.

The pool area at the back of Villa Trombadore, Cava d'Ispica.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pictorial View of SE Sicily

Having just come back from a holiday in Sicily (after not visiting for a long time) thought I would put up a load of pics instead of writing about it.
Have to say I was disappointed with the towns - most of them are still very tatty, but the countryside is lovely and the miles and miles of uncrowded beaches are really breathtaking. Biggest disappointment though was Caltagirone - the town is quite a slum. Unfortunately most of the shops were shut but the few that were open had ridiculous prices. Also found the famous steps a bit of an anti-climax..........maybe my hopes were too high. BUT having said all that, once you have left the towns you are immediately out in lovely rugged countryside - the type of countryside I love and much prefer to vast expanses of forest and open flat plains. The thing I enjoyed the most was seeing all the old farm buildings and Masserie - a complete paradise for anyone who is interested in converting old buildings.
We stayed in a lovely late 19th Century villa just along the road from Cava d'Ispica. The countryside is scattered with these villas which seem to have a trademark of beautifully well built walls
surrounding olive groves and palm trees in the front of the houses. We passed quite a few which were shouting out to be converted.

(Thought I said I would not be writing about it!)

This Bonsai type Olive tree was just down the road near the Villa we stayed in.

The famous Santa Maria del Monte steps

Santa Maria del Monte church

Front view of Villa Tromabdore where we stayed.

Tiki Beach Club beach just a couple of minutes drive East from Pozzallo beach.

More pictures to come.

Qammieh Walk

Riding the Wind with Philip Köster - World Champion Windsurfer

Thursday, September 01, 2011

More on the 'Essential'' Subject!

Did a little bit of research on the toilets and it is quite interesting what one comes up with!! Ofcourse the Romans were the most advanced on the subject - like everything else - and in the same way they had communal baths they did the same with their lavatory system as can be seen below. The Romans also had a very advanced sewer system so the toilets went with it!

The Japanese seem to have taken over from the Romans in this day and age! They take their bathware fairs VERY seriously and come out with all sorts of bathroom gadgets. Below are a few interesting ones I have come across on the web but have no idea who actually developed them. Quite surprised we don't have an aquarium one in our bathroom yet! Not quite sure what happens when you pull the flushing though!!

Aptly named the ''Too-da-loo'' - hmm don't think I would want that decorating my bathroom.

The Japanese are always inventing some space saving device since the majority of the Japs seem to live in very limited spaces. I think I prefer the model with the flushing and sink actually on the back of the loo.

For the ostentatious there is always the gold version! 

I think I will close the lid on this subject now!


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