A Before and After - a very small part of some of my furniture renovation

I had inherited a hideous piece of furniture which consisted of 2 side cupboard bits with 3 drawers. In the middle (forming a big bulky angular piece of furniture) was a long swinging mirror with drawer sections on either side. Wish I had a taken a picture of it complete - but didn't. 

After it had been stripped I used the mirrow as a wall mirror on its own - newly varnished. Well that speaks for itself. As for the two separate drawer sections which I hacked off the centre piece......I basically removed the back and sides and brought it down to a bare skeleton as seen below. I put on new sides and new backing and then made a totally new middle section consisting of 3 shelves on which I could put 3 storage baskets. As the top of the new middle section would not have matched the drawer tops I decided to give it a bit of colour and tile it instead. 

And this is the finished result of which ''I am well pleased''!