Rolex Middle Sea Race Start

VIKESHA II  photo by Kurt Arrigo

The 2011 edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race got off to a slow start this morning with dull stormy skies and light southerly breezes. ARTIE, unfortunately, had a bad start crossing the line around mid fleet in the first group of starters at 11.00am. Nevertheless, they soon caught up and by the time they rounded the marker off Pembroke and headed out to sea towards Capo Passero they were already leading the entire fleet by a good margin. Once the the large 80-100' boats had started they soon caught up and overtook the rest of the fleet and as I type ESIMIT and RAN have actually passed Capo Passero with the rest of the fleet between the Cape and half way across the channel. The wind is light so progress is pretty slow but the average boat speed seems to be around 6.5knots.

Unfortunately, this year I was unable to take any photos on the start since last night all my camera gear was stolen. It will be sorely missed and I cannot foresee buying anything in the near future. So I am going to have to rely on using other people's photographs for the time being.

The race can be closely followed on the Middle Sea Race TRACKER .