RMSR2011 Tough Battle Ahead

AOC ROCKALL is leading on the overall positions right now as they head towards the next landmark of Lampedusa. She is giving our lovely lads a real run for their money! BUT having said that I think it is more our lads giving THEM a run for their money!! I personally think our Maltese sailors, as a whole, have alot to be proud of cos they are all placing pretty well racing against some very top competition.

Unfortunately COMANCHE RAIDER had rudder problems and had to retire from the race and go into Favignana

ARTIE - the boat that has our full support . They came second overall last year just missing the coveted first place by a mere 26 minutes behind LUCKY. Right now they stand in 2nd position behind ROCKALL overall. ROCKALL increased their lead on corrected time by roughly 20 mins (by my calculations so stand to be corrected!) between the checkpoints of Favignana and Pantelleria.

OTRA VEZ is hard on the heals of ARTIE. They have a broken bowsprit - now it remains to be seen if they are going to need to use it as they are heading upwind on the present leg.

All photos taken off the RMSR website