RMSR2011 Stromboli Rounded

The famous Middle Sea Race landmark of Stromboli which erupts every 20 minutes. Photo by Kurt Arrigo

Practically all the fleet have now rounded Stromboli whilst Esimit has just rounded Pantelleria and is heading towards Lampedusa. Overall it is still looking like Esimit is going to win the race so it is now the battle for the classes. In class 4, which is of particular interest to me since it is the class my son races is and also many good friends, provisional results on rounding Stromboli are so close that there are just a couple of minutes between the first 15 boats on corrected time! That's how close it is! Looking at an update on the tracker I am happy to see that ARTIE seems to have progressed position wise in the fleet but there is a long way to do go and if light winds persist positions will constantly change.
In class 3 the first 4 boats on rounding Stromboli on corrected time are Maltese boats.