More Pics of Sicily (Click on pics to get full view)

Lovely farmhouse which seems to be in use still at the beginning of our walk through the valley in Cava d'Ispica

The inhabited caves (as they were) in Cava d'Ispica. The above one is the actual sleeping accommodation at the flour mill which was still in use until the late 1950's. I loved the red baby's cradle - it made so much sense hanging just above the crying at night just stick your foot in the air and give it a rock!

I am not very good when it comes to flora and fauna but think this is a Frangipani flower. They smell out of this world and brings back memories of Bali.

This was our entrance gate/drive to Villa Tromabdore where we were staying.

The pool area at the back of Villa Trombadore, Cava d'Ispica.


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