More on the 'Essential'' Subject!

Did a little bit of research on the toilets and it is quite interesting what one comes up with!! Ofcourse the Romans were the most advanced on the subject - like everything else - and in the same way they had communal baths they did the same with their lavatory system as can be seen below. The Romans also had a very advanced sewer system so the toilets went with it!

The Japanese seem to have taken over from the Romans in this day and age! They take their bathware fairs VERY seriously and come out with all sorts of bathroom gadgets. Below are a few interesting ones I have come across on the web but have no idea who actually developed them. Quite surprised we don't have an aquarium one in our bathroom yet! Not quite sure what happens when you pull the flushing though!!

Aptly named the ''Too-da-loo'' - hmm don't think I would want that decorating my bathroom.

The Japanese are always inventing some space saving device since the majority of the Japs seem to live in very limited spaces. I think I prefer the model with the flushing and sink actually on the back of the loo.

For the ostentatious there is always the gold version! 

I think I will close the lid on this subject now!