Thursday, July 21, 2011

This One is for my Puffy and Horsey Friends in America!


After a week of suffocatingly high temperatures (just under 40C) we were blessed with a day of wind. It was nice to see quite a few people out on the water. Swell was not very big but wind was pretty constant and it was heaven to be out on the water planing and just wearing shorts and rashy. Water is very warm at 27C. I used my Fanatic 82L wave board and Tushingham 4.7m sail which is a sail I seem to be using more and more instead of the 4.5m ............not much of a difference in size I know but it's amazing how different the two sails are when using them.

I had a ball experimenting with the GoPro HD. First used the boom mount (which is my preference) then tried the helmet mount for the first time myself. The footage above is nothing very exciting but since both my good American blogging friends have asked me in the past about getting footage of myself instead of everybody it is! Hopefully more to come and a bit more exciting to look at!!

Hope you guys have had some time on the water too - in whatever way - always good to get wet!


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