Will It Be a Windy Summer?

Windsurfed Monday and Tuesday. Monday not such a good sail - wind was wierd and didn't feel at all comfortable sailing. BUT Tuesday, unexpectedly had a TERRIFIC sail. Got to Ghallis and wind was dying fast. Some guys went out and basically drifted with a bit of swimming. So I waited a bit not feeling at all optimistic and was going to derig, but Bernard persuaded me to go down (thank you Bernard!) - and thank God I did. Everybody left except for Sandro, Bernard and myself and we had a terrific sail. Wind turned more West and picked up and sailing behind the island was great fun. The swell outside had some terrific ramps making excellent jumping conditions. If only every time we went down could be like that.
Forecast for the weekend looking very hopefull with Easterlies between force 5 and 6. If I manage to sail Saturday and Sunday that will be 4 days in a week - keeping fingers crossed that this summer will be a good one for us windwise since we had such a lousy winter.


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