Late Entry - But Have Actually Been Out on the Water

No photos but have been on the water a bit lately. Over Easter had 4 days in a row which was terrific. First day I had a kiting lesson with John and actually moved about 10 metres in both directions but was more like a teabag most of the time! My initial enthusiasm has waned (I have to admit) - I suppose it is because Malta is not very ''learner friendly'' when it comes to kiting. Having to coincide the right wind direction with the right wind, no people/swimmers on the beach and actually  being able to go down leaves a very narrow margin. Have come to the conclusion it would be best to actually go abroad and learn!! I will actually learn and get going properly one day - I am determined in that way. The age factor doesn't help either since I think one is more aware of the dangers otherword being older and wiser!! If people knew where most of the local kiting population learned how to kitesurf up at a bay called ''Torri'' they would think they were totally insane, it is pretty suicidal. The bay is about 200m wide (if that) with a small strip of sand in the middle and rocks all around the sides. Now there are sometimes around 20 kiters on the water - you can just imagine the scenario.
Onto better things - 3 days in a row of windsurfing in ESE in Mellieha over Easter weekend. I had soooo much fun and I love windsurfing in Mellieha in an East. It was great to have burst blisters again - I felt I was still part of the sport after the worst winter (windwise) on record I should think. Windsurfed again last week in Ghallis - hadn't sailed there for months. Nice to be out in the swell though did get a bit tired - but so what! Just hoping that since we had a lousy winter season that we will get a good summer season instead - hmmmm!

Happy sailing/surfing and hopefully will have some pics to put up next time round.