Thursday, May 26, 2011

Water Time

Sailed 5 times in 8 days - not bad! Just need a few of those type of weeks in summer and we really will be living in paradise!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Will It Be a Windy Summer?

Windsurfed Monday and Tuesday. Monday not such a good sail - wind was wierd and didn't feel at all comfortable sailing. BUT Tuesday, unexpectedly had a TERRIFIC sail. Got to Ghallis and wind was dying fast. Some guys went out and basically drifted with a bit of swimming. So I waited a bit not feeling at all optimistic and was going to derig, but Bernard persuaded me to go down (thank you Bernard!) - and thank God I did. Everybody left except for Sandro, Bernard and myself and we had a terrific sail. Wind turned more West and picked up and sailing behind the island was great fun. The swell outside had some terrific ramps making excellent jumping conditions. If only every time we went down could be like that.
Forecast for the weekend looking very hopefull with Easterlies between force 5 and 6. If I manage to sail Saturday and Sunday that will be 4 days in a week - keeping fingers crossed that this summer will be a good one for us windwise since we had such a lousy winter.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Late Entry - But Have Actually Been Out on the Water

No photos but have been on the water a bit lately. Over Easter had 4 days in a row which was terrific. First day I had a kiting lesson with John and actually moved about 10 metres in both directions but was more like a teabag most of the time! My initial enthusiasm has waned (I have to admit) - I suppose it is because Malta is not very ''learner friendly'' when it comes to kiting. Having to coincide the right wind direction with the right wind, no people/swimmers on the beach and actually  being able to go down leaves a very narrow margin. Have come to the conclusion it would be best to actually go abroad and learn!! I will actually learn and get going properly one day - I am determined in that way. The age factor doesn't help either since I think one is more aware of the dangers otherword being older and wiser!! If people knew where most of the local kiting population learned how to kitesurf up at a bay called ''Torri'' they would think they were totally insane, it is pretty suicidal. The bay is about 200m wide (if that) with a small strip of sand in the middle and rocks all around the sides. Now there are sometimes around 20 kiters on the water - you can just imagine the scenario.
Onto better things - 3 days in a row of windsurfing in ESE in Mellieha over Easter weekend. I had soooo much fun and I love windsurfing in Mellieha in an East. It was great to have burst blisters again - I felt I was still part of the sport after the worst winter (windwise) on record I should think. Windsurfed again last week in Ghallis - hadn't sailed there for months. Nice to be out in the swell though did get a bit tired - but so what! Just hoping that since we had a lousy winter season that we will get a good summer season instead - hmmmm!

Happy sailing/surfing and hopefully will have some pics to put up next time round.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

ARTIE First in Gewiss Malta to Marzamemi Race

John Cachia and Matthew Gusman after the start of the race

Yesterday the Times of Malta  had a great picture (above) of ARTIE after the race start to Marzamemi on Friday.


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