Time to Blog

Above photos taken by me sometime during the past year. The riders are Chris, Dana, Gamblu and John.

My blogging has been non existent lately - largely due to the fact that there has been nothing of particular interest to blog. The wind - what wind? This winter season has been the worst season for wind that I can ever remember. To make things worse the new mound of rubble, that keeps getting higher and higher between the hotel and Maghtab, has totally destroyed the wind at Ghallis - unfortunately I do not think we will ever experience Ghallis as it used to be anymore. It can be blowing a lovely North Westerly in Mellieha Bay and when we get to Ghallis it is a gusty cross offshore South Westerly with the clean wind starting to steady way beyond the point. The solution is to find an alternative spot but there is no spot like Ghallis. With our limited coastline the only other alternative is sailing in the swell in the Channel - problem is getting people to drive all the way up there to sail when they are limited for time during their lunch break!

So, meanwhile we wait! 


Joe said…
Blog more old thing. I want to know what's going on in your fair land.
Bunty said…
I know I know Horsey old man :p)
I've been telling myself for ages just to blog something even though it def won't be anything 'sea linked'- never known a season like this last winter season for lack of good wind.
I humbly promise I will try and blog something particularly interesting in the next few days. I need people like you to give me a good old kick every now and then.