Good Wind Yesterday

In the videos below are John Cachia and Clive Xuereb. A couple of clips I took yesterday.

Had a nice sail yesterday with the wave board and 4.7m - could have done with a slightly bigger sail but still enjoyed it. Wind blowing from the east into the bay but the waves weren't big. The swell seems to have increased overnight cos now the second reef is breaking and the wind has turned NW so hopefully later it will still be breaking for some great sailing in conditions we don't usually have (cross off on the wave).

I then got the video camera and took some footage of the kiters. I have never seen so many kites on the water out here in Malta - they seem to be increasing at a very fast rate which is not such a good thing cos there just is not the space to handle so many kites. I counted 20 on the water at one time. It was a bit too windy for me to have a go but hoping this week there may be a day when conditions will be suitable to try in the bay.


PeconicPuffin said…
Bunty, we need some photos of YOU tearing it up out there! Tell your son to take a break and snap some photos. Please!
Bunty said…
Ha ha Puffy! Yea - I am always the one in the water with the camera and believe me I am REALLY popular when they see me with the camera!! I think I may have about 2 or 3 photos of me windsurfing. Yes I do need to get some pics of me but think they will be pretty boring next to some of the ones I take of the guys!!