MALTA - Forefront of World News

Malta has really hit the news headlines - and history repeats itself once again.

Due to Malta's strategic position bang in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it has played an important part all the way through history. It has been invaded over the centuries by the Arabs, Phoenicians, at one point was part of the Roman Empire , fell into French hands for a short amount of time with Napoleon stealing many treasures which now lie buried at the bottom of the sea somewhere outside Alexandria. Then the British were the last to colonise the island before it finally gained its independence.

...........and now we have made news headlines by playing an important role in the evacuation of various nationalities from Libya.

I have noticed, through reading some comments on Tripadvisor, that there has been some concern about the safety of travelling to Malta right now. It is totally safe! The airport is, ofcourse, much busier with alot more people passing through the airport (as is the harbour), also the presence of news reporters there. Certain hotels in the St. Julians/Sliema area are also alot busier for this time of year - otherwise, unless you are looking at the television, life is totally normal. I have heard the distinct deep hum of the Hercules planes flying over, but that's about it!

I  just hope that peace will soon prevail in Libya - the people there have suffered so much over the years and it seems that there are some awful things going on right now. Such a shame because I have heard that it is a beautiful country with so much to offer with a rich culture, history, beautiful unspoilt beaches. BUT having said that it would be very sad to see all that spoilt due to a sudden uncontrolled form of tourism!

Right now we sit and watch as history unfolds itself!


Kristin Shirley said…
What a great Blog Bunty. Malta is one of the most interesting countries in Europe. Filled with rich History, Art and Tradition it is a wonderful place to spend your Vacations. As for Libya I'm only familliar with what my father told me and from the photos he showed me. The landscape is unique due to the fact it has that tropic feel on the coast then goes straight into desert inland. My father made many friends there during his 20+ years working there. I hope that Libya's crisis is over soon for the country's and the people's sake.