Gozo Pictures This Weekend

This weekend in Ghammar we had the Festa ta' San Pupulju. We named our farmhouse there after the little chapel that lies down the alley around the corner. Unfortunately there are not many activities that take place in the chapel now apart fromt a monthly mass and the actual feast weekend. We attended 'vespers' on the Saturday afternoon and there were more clergy and alter boys than persons in the congregation. The actual feast mass was on Sunday afternoon and that is always totally packed right out into the tiny piazza outside the little chapel since coaches come up on a pilgrimage each year from Floriana in Malta. The patron saint of Floriana is St. Publius aswell so they make a day of it.

This is a photo I took on Saturday on the main road of Ghajnsielem. People usually carry a spare tyre in the back but a spare cab is something new!!! A real ''onlyinmalta.com'' photo!!!

I took this photo last week from Nadur. The view over the channel from up there is always really beautiful. Unfortunately this photo does not do it justice but I just took a quick snap with the camera phone since I did not have my camera on me.