Monday, January 31, 2011

Gozo Pictures This Weekend

This weekend in Ghammar we had the Festa ta' San Pupulju. We named our farmhouse there after the little chapel that lies down the alley around the corner. Unfortunately there are not many activities that take place in the chapel now apart fromt a monthly mass and the actual feast weekend. We attended 'vespers' on the Saturday afternoon and there were more clergy and alter boys than persons in the congregation. The actual feast mass was on Sunday afternoon and that is always totally packed right out into the tiny piazza outside the little chapel since coaches come up on a pilgrimage each year from Floriana in Malta. The patron saint of Floriana is St. Publius aswell so they make a day of it.

This is a photo I took on Saturday on the main road of Ghajnsielem. People usually carry a spare tyre in the back but a spare cab is something new!!! A real '''' photo!!!

I took this photo last week from Nadur. The view over the channel from up there is always really beautiful. Unfortunately this photo does not do it justice but I just took a quick snap with the camera phone since I did not have my camera on me.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Course Not Yet Completed but A Record Already Broken - Ocean Row for Cancer

Above Thomas Cremona stands infront of Sara G before they emabarked on their Atlantic record breaking attempt. Photo taken off Thomas' blog.

Another update has come in on Thomas' BLOG (click on the link to read the full report). They are doing really well inspite of the various obstacles one comes across during ones daily row across the Atlantic!! Rogue waves,  huge swells,  the awful feeling of sea sickness, which takes some time to conquer, among the many.
Fortunately they seem to be an excellent team working very well together - that's half the battle in my mind.

The exciting news is that they have already broken a record. I will quote from his blog  ''First up, a new world record!  That’s right, we have established a new world record by covering a distance of over 100 miles/160 kilometres for each 24-hour period over the past 10 consecutive days (up to yesterday, 18 January 14.00GMT).  Today Sara G again covered in excess of 100 miles and extended our record by yet another day.  And we have no intention of slowing down!  This record has been confirmed by The Ocean Rowing Society International, the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records.''

So that is really good news. The other news which is a bit nerve wracking is that they have competition on the water. Team Hallin Marine in a trimaran boat set off on their record breaking attempt on the 6th of January and the other team aiming to break the record is Team Big Blue which is out on the water too.

Thomas is raising money for the Puttinu Cares fund which helps with treatment and support for children with cancer and their families.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thomas and Team Doing Well in Row Across the Atlantic

Thomas and the 6 man team attempting to break the Mid-Atlantic record for rowing across the Atlantic are progressing well and have occasionally hit as much as 7 knots of speed. Read an updated report on The Times of Malta.

Malta & Gozo - 3rd Best Country to Live in the World?

According to International Living Magazine Malta ranks as the 3rd best country to live in. Not quite sure how they came up with this result but, having lived here most of my life (bound to be biased to a certain degree!), we do often say that it is a great place to live and we have an excellent quality of life and that it would be hard to beat living elsewhere in Europe.
You can read a write up in the local paper, Sunday Times of Malta,  that came out today on this LINK .


Monday, January 10, 2011

Update on Thomas' Atlantic Row

For the latest update on Thomas' rowing record attempt across the Atlantic go onto his BLOG - it makes a very ineresting read.
Also read about the charity he is rowing for from the menu at the top of his blog page. 

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Thomas Starts his Bid for Rowing Record Across the Atlantic

Photo taken from

Thomas Cremona seen above ready for the long 5,000km slog ahead. Thomas forms part of a team of  5 rowers who will try to break the record and row across the Atlantic in less than 33 days 7 hours and 30 minutes. They left today, Wednesday, from Tarfaya in Morocco and will be heading for Barbados in the Caribbean.

You can read a full report on Di-ve . I will be following Thomas' progress so keep checking into my blog for updates.

All the money Thomas has collected will go to the Puttinu Cares Foundation which helps young cancer patients and their families who undergo treatment in the UK.

Monday, January 03, 2011

We Three Kings of Mellieha Are...!

We Three Kings of Mellieha Are...!

One of the Most Beautiful Areas of Malta


Taken today at Dingli Cliffs, Malta looking out toward Mtahleb then panning around towards the islet of Filfla. Managed to enjoy a few hours of sunshine inbetween the pouring rain this morning and this evening. A lovely area and there are some beautiful walks.


Saturday, January 01, 2011

The lovely sky early this morning before getting on the Gozo ferry in Cirkewwa


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