Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rolex Middle Sea Race 2010 - Prize Giving - Another Year Over

George Bonello Dupuis - Commodore of the Royal Malta Yacht Club

The stunning RMSR trophy

1st Overall - Lucky (TP52)

2nd Overall - Artie (J122)

3rd Overall - Jaru (J133)

The prize giving for the RMSR was held today at the Meditteranean Conference Centre. Unlike previous prize givings, this year the actual prize giving was held in the theatre so everybody was seated throughout. A much better and satisfactory procedure. After various speeches quite a few prizes were given out with the final big overall prize being given last. Following this an excellent speech was given by Lucky's skipper praising the RMSR as a whole and plenty of praise for our Maltese sailors - all of which we are very proud !
Formalities over everybody trooped out into the big Knights Hall (Malta! Always incredible history surrounds you wherever you go!) to be treated to an open bar and excellent buffet.
So............another Middle Sea Race over and crews are already looking forward to the next one!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

ARTIE 1st in Class and 2nd Overall

Happy bunch after crossing the finish line

The expression on Lee's face says it all!

Another satisfied face

Christian being interviewed by the press

Not quite sure who was happier - Lee's son Jake or the crew!

Peter looking fulfilled - both with their achievement and about something hot to chew on

Below - Jan looking like the true sailor after a tough but
satisfying race at sea
Isaac and John also looking thrilled with the result

Kurt the man behind all the instruments which were mucked up during a thunder storm

Matthew - this pic describes well just how hungry they arrived back on the pontoon

So many interesting stories about the trip and lots more still to come out!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ARTIE Home and Just Misses Overall First Placing

ARTIE crossing the line

All looking happy - and so they should be!

The ARTIE team after coming into the pontoon

ARTIE is home after just missing an overall first position. They pushed really hard all the way through the race, but these past 24 hours they really gave it all they had knowing it was such a touch and go situation. They had a real blast on the Lampedusa - Malta leg, but unfortunately the wind died down quite a bit around Malta and they just could not make the necessary speed needed to cross the finish line in time. Entering Marsamxett harbour there was absolutely no wind at all and they drifted through the finish line to cheers from all those gathered at the yacht club to meet them in.

They had a great welcoming committee on the pontoon. They all looked tired but very satisfied with their achievement. They have definitely won their class and, although not official yet, the chances are they have a 2nd overall placing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ARTIE On the Way Home

Above pic is of ARTIE taken by Kurt Arrigo and taken off the Regatta News site I can make out John in the middle in the green shirt. It's been a really exciting race for them (and us taking part from home!). There is still a slim chance of them winning but it will be very tough to get in on time. They have done brilliantly and still have all my fingers and toes crossed! Right now it looks like it is between Lucky, Jaru and Artie.

Lucky, Pace & Cantankerous Coming Thru the Channel

Got to the Channel just in time to see Lucky going through

Pace and Cantankerous approaching the Comino Channel

Pace was bombing down


Cantankerous just coming into the Channel

Cantankerous bearing off a bit

Esimit & ICAP Home and Alegre Passing Thru the Comino Channel

ESIMIT EUROPA 2 approaches the finish line Photo: Rene Rossignaud

I have just woken up and the first thing I do is check the boat positions on the RMSR Tracker What I see keeps me on tenterhooks. The first two boats, ESIMIT and ICAP, came in yesterday evening and ALEGRE is just passing through the Comino Channel as I type this. After that it is E1 half way through Lampedusa and Malta wtih LUCKY, PACE and CANTANKEROUS having rounded Lampedusa and now heading for home.

ARTIE is still doing very well but JARU has now shot ahead leaving ARTIE and COMANCHE RAIDER still more or less side by side. JUNO has lost a bit of ground (these are all Maltese based boats). As for overall standings I have no idea how ARTIE is fairing at the moment and not sure I want to know as I think I am probably more nervous right now than they are!! I have to mention that JUNO, COMANCHE RAIDER AND JUNO are in a different class to ARTIE as they are bigger boats. ARTIE has quite a lead on the other boats in their class..........but, ofcourse, the big prize is the overall and I reckon that result will not be known until around Wednesday afternoon.

ARTIE is presently almost two thirds the way between Favignana and Pantelleria so they must be reaching down, though the forecast strong wind does not seem to have made an appearance as they are averaging around 6 to 7 knots.

The above picture of ESIMIT EUROPA 2 was taken by Rene Rossignaud and you can see more brilliant photos by him and Kurt Arrigo by pressing on this Regatta News link. The photos, as usual, are absolutely stunning.............really puts my efforts to shame!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Some Random Pics from the Start on Saturday

The Catamaran had a start on its own since it was the only cat racing

Seawolf of Southampton

A nice mixture of the old and new


Otra Vez

Anthony Camilleri is doing the race double handed on his new BOV sponsored boat

Comanche Raider

Wild Joe from Hungary

Start line for the 3rd scheduled start

Rimini Sail

The big boats as they left the Grand Harbour and headed for the buoy off Pembroke

1st Boats Heading for Home!

ICAP Leopard is fast on ESIMIT's heels right now

Above is ESIMIT (formerly Alfa Romeo Maxi) sailing past Stromboli - you can see the light wind conditions they have been having, and yet ESIMIT is still leaving a wake behind her!

The above pictures have come off the Rolex Middle Sea Race website. Click on the link to track the various competitors, read updated blogs of the ongoing race, see some stunning photographs by Kurt Arrigo and lots more.

Until a few hours ago ARTIE (J 122 - Lee Satariano from Malta) was looking like he had the overall lead, but now as more boats are rounding Favignana they are catching a stronger wind and heading down towards Pantelleria and Lampedusa off wind so they are starting to really bomb down there. So....looks like overall standings have changed and will probably be changing quite alot from now on.

Meanwhile the two leading boats will be crossing the finish line in a few hours time! Amazing how fast they seem to be going right now.

RMSR 2010 - Focus on Artie

Lee Satariano - Owner and Skipper of ARTIE. Lee almost took the crown for the RMSR a few years back with his original J boat also called ARTIE and just missed it by minutes to take 2nd placing overall.

Christian Ripard - Skipper. Christian hails from a sailing family and is in the business. Christian has been sailing all his life starting off on Mirror 10's (remember it well -those were great fun filled days). He is a former winner of the RMSR and has also competed in many big races like the Sydney-Hobart race.

Zak Borg - sailor and diver. Zak is no newcomer to the RMSR and has even tried it double handed.

Matthew Gusman - Matt is in the business dealing with yachtsmen every day. He is quite a seasoned RMSR sailor and this race will be yet another one under his belt.

Kurt Casapinta - sailor, windsurfer and technical guru on board the boat. A vital member of the team!

Peter Valentino - Laser sailor and windsurfer and is also fast becoming a veteran of this race - Peter is one of the new generation of Malta's yachtsmen.

Jan Rossi - regular competitor in the Laser class both locally and abroad always placing amongst the top sailors in his class. Although Jan is still a competitive Laser sailor, like Peter, is one of the new generation of Maltese yachtsmen.

John - more commonly known for his windsurfing and kitesurfing antics. John, aged 19, is the youngest member of the crew and has gained some valuable yacht sailing and ocean experience over the past couple of years. This is John's first RMSR.

ARTIE before the start of the race last Saturday.


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