What's the Forecast for 2011??

Chris May 2010 - Ghallis

Well the forecast for 2011? - that's anbody's guess, but let's hope it improves cos we seem to be windsurfing less and less these days with conditions varying between border line and the odd wild gale force 8 to 9 thrown in inbetween. More and more people are taking to kiting (which to be honest who can blame them when windsurfing conditions have become so unreliable?).  Our usual 'Grigale' has never materialised this year - we didn't even get a Christmas 'Grigale' - probably the first year we haven't had it for years and years. So far plenty of Southerlies - yuk! such a waste of good wind! So what can I say? Fingers, toes and whatever else are all crossed that 2011 will be a kind and giving year for us.

Happy New Year to all fellow surfers (whatever type) from all over the world and look forward to reading various blogs to see how everybody else is getting along.

 Gamblu December 2010 - Ghallis

 John December 2010 - Ghallis

 Chris May 2010 - Ghallis

 Tommy December 2010 - Torri

John December 2010 - Torri



PeconicPuffin said…
We had a mediocre year, but it sounds like you had worse. Here's to steady warm winds for you in 2011 Bunty!
Bunty said…
Thanks! Hope you have a good year too. So far it has not been a good start!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Bunty,
your blog is one of the most actual watersport blogs for malta. Do you know an instructor for kite-surfing beginners? I`d like to learn kitesurfing. Please mail me to peter@knappertsbusch.de

Thanks Peter
Bunty said…
Hey Peter - was it you who sent me a message on Youtube? Go onto Kiteboarding Malta found on the side of my blog page under ''Malta & Gozo Surf & Sail Sites'' - this is Patricks blog. You have his email and telephone number there to contact him for kiting lessons.

Hope to see you around.