An Hour Here and There On the Water

My aim is to push myself to go down for a windsurf even if conditions are a bit iffy - better an hour on the water in iffy conditions than nothing at all........... the whole meaning of this is keeping myself fit! I know a couple of hours good solid windsurfing is worth 4 or 5 in the gym so I reckon even 45 mins to an hour of planing, drifting and planing conditions must be worth it! In the past 10 days I have managed 3 sessions of an hour each - every one using the 5.2m and each of the Skate, Synchro and New Wave being used. To make it even more enjoyable today I was back wearing a shorty after I had just washed all our shorties - it made a nice change for my wetsuit to smell of fabric conditioner compared to the unmentionable smell it usually has!! Had a couple of ''chilly'' days but today was lovely and tourists still swimming and sunbathing. All this whilst poor old Britain is having some Arctic weather!

Since I have no interesting piccies or video footage to add to this I suggest you press on the link below to see some thing a bit more recent just for a bit of entertainment though not so funny for those LV yachts racing!


PeconicPuffin said…
Iffy conditions are truly much better than not going out. A famous windsurfing instructor in the U.S. (Andy Brandt) has a favorite quote:

"Every day sailing is a great day sailing!"

Push it! and have fun.