Rolex Middle Sea Race 2010 - Prize Giving - Another Year Over

George Bonello Dupuis - Commodore of the Royal Malta Yacht Club

The stunning RMSR trophy

1st Overall - Lucky (TP52)

2nd Overall - Artie (J122)

3rd Overall - Jaru (J133)

The prize giving for the RMSR was held today at the Meditteranean Conference Centre. Unlike previous prize givings, this year the actual prize giving was held in the theatre so everybody was seated throughout. A much better and satisfactory procedure. After various speeches quite a few prizes were given out with the final big overall prize being given last. Following this an excellent speech was given by Lucky's skipper praising the RMSR as a whole and plenty of praise for our Maltese sailors - all of which we are very proud !
Formalities over everybody trooped out into the big Knights Hall (Malta! Always incredible history surrounds you wherever you go!) to be treated to an open bar and excellent buffet.
So............another Middle Sea Race over and crews are already looking forward to the next one!


Joe said…
Bunty, how about a Facebook "Like" button?
PeconicPuffin said…
The fellow at the top of the post...needs to be pushed into the water. Ties and sailing? But what do I know...the only reason we windsurfers bathe is to clear our wetsuits!
Mo's Spot said…
Well done John and the crew!
I'm sure you feel very proud!