RMSR 2010 - Focus on Artie

Lee Satariano - Owner and Skipper of ARTIE. Lee almost took the crown for the RMSR a few years back with his original J boat also called ARTIE and just missed it by minutes to take 2nd placing overall.

Christian Ripard - Skipper. Christian hails from a sailing family and is in the business. Christian has been sailing all his life starting off on Mirror 10's (remember it well -those were great fun filled days). He is a former winner of the RMSR and has also competed in many big races like the Sydney-Hobart race.

Zak Borg - sailor and diver. Zak is no newcomer to the RMSR and has even tried it double handed.

Matthew Gusman - Matt is in the business dealing with yachtsmen every day. He is quite a seasoned RMSR sailor and this race will be yet another one under his belt.

Kurt Casapinta - sailor, windsurfer and technical guru on board the boat. A vital member of the team!

Peter Valentino - Laser sailor and windsurfer and is also fast becoming a veteran of this race - Peter is one of the new generation of Malta's yachtsmen.

Jan Rossi - regular competitor in the Laser class both locally and abroad always placing amongst the top sailors in his class. Although Jan is still a competitive Laser sailor, like Peter, is one of the new generation of Maltese yachtsmen.

John - more commonly known for his windsurfing and kitesurfing antics. John, aged 19, is the youngest member of the crew and has gained some valuable yacht sailing and ocean experience over the past couple of years. This is John's first RMSR.

ARTIE before the start of the race last Saturday.