Esimit & ICAP Home and Alegre Passing Thru the Comino Channel

ESIMIT EUROPA 2 approaches the finish line Photo: Rene Rossignaud

I have just woken up and the first thing I do is check the boat positions on the RMSR Tracker What I see keeps me on tenterhooks. The first two boats, ESIMIT and ICAP, came in yesterday evening and ALEGRE is just passing through the Comino Channel as I type this. After that it is E1 half way through Lampedusa and Malta wtih LUCKY, PACE and CANTANKEROUS having rounded Lampedusa and now heading for home.

ARTIE is still doing very well but JARU has now shot ahead leaving ARTIE and COMANCHE RAIDER still more or less side by side. JUNO has lost a bit of ground (these are all Maltese based boats). As for overall standings I have no idea how ARTIE is fairing at the moment and not sure I want to know as I think I am probably more nervous right now than they are!! I have to mention that JUNO, COMANCHE RAIDER AND JUNO are in a different class to ARTIE as they are bigger boats. ARTIE has quite a lead on the other boats in their class..........but, ofcourse, the big prize is the overall and I reckon that result will not be known until around Wednesday afternoon.

ARTIE is presently almost two thirds the way between Favignana and Pantelleria so they must be reaching down, though the forecast strong wind does not seem to have made an appearance as they are averaging around 6 to 7 knots.

The above picture of ESIMIT EUROPA 2 was taken by Rene Rossignaud and you can see more brilliant photos by him and Kurt Arrigo by pressing on this Regatta News link. The photos, as usual, are absolutely stunning.............really puts my efforts to shame!


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