Another Impressive Start for the Rolex Middle Sea Race - 2010

Start of the smaller boats - Seawolf of Southampton is the one with all the writing on the hull and IBEX on the sail. Skippered by Dave Latham of Atlantic Charters

'ARTIE' was the first boat out of the harbour and is seen heading towards the breakwater

The Catamaran was the first boat to start crossing the start line alone since it was the only cat to race. The next start saw the smaller boats off. Seawolf of Southampton (Skipper Dave Latham) had an excellent start being first over the line. Seawolf was overall winner of the coastal race around Filfla last Wednesday. Dave is a seasoned sailor running RYA courses from Gibraltar
and races regularly (and does very well too) in various races around the South of Spain and Gibraltar. Dave is a keen RMSR participant and this is his 3rd or 4th Middle Sea Race.

Another class starts

...........and last of all the big 'uns

Always an impressive site and impressive speed

Once again the Grand Harbour in Malta made an impressive backdrop for the start of the annual Rolex Middle Sea Race. A unique yacht race covering just over 600 miles departing from Malta, up through the Straits of Messina, rounding the island volcano of Stromboli. The race then heads West rounding the Western point of Sicily and goes down past Pantalleria then uses Lampedusa as a marker rounding it to head back home for Malta. A race world renowned sailors enjoy for both the challenge and unique scenic route it takes.