1st Boats Heading for Home!

ICAP Leopard is fast on ESIMIT's heels right now

Above is ESIMIT (formerly Alfa Romeo Maxi) sailing past Stromboli - you can see the light wind conditions they have been having, and yet ESIMIT is still leaving a wake behind her!

The above pictures have come off the Rolex Middle Sea Race website. Click on the link to track the various competitors, read updated blogs of the ongoing race, see some stunning photographs by Kurt Arrigo and lots more.

Until a few hours ago ARTIE (J 122 - Lee Satariano from Malta) was looking like he had the overall lead, but now as more boats are rounding Favignana they are catching a stronger wind and heading down towards Pantelleria and Lampedusa off wind so they are starting to really bomb down there. So....looks like overall standings have changed and will probably be changing quite alot from now on.

Meanwhile the two leading boats will be crossing the finish line in a few hours time! Amazing how fast they seem to be going right now.