The SHREK Fish

Photo and article taken of the OTL site

The Asian sheepshead wrasse was recently discovered by a group of scuba divers in Japan.According to the divers, if you look closely, the fish’s face resembles the animated character Shrek.
A diving expedition in Japan has lead to a fish being deemed “Shrek” thanks to its less-than-pleasant appearance which causes it to look a little like the ogre from the animated DreamWorks movie.

The Asian Sheephead Wrasse is being called one of the ugliest fish alive. Although these species are quite popular in the Asian waters, this is the one of the first times that the fish has been caught on video, sparking a phenomenon around the globe by internet viewers who want to see the real life “Shrek” for themselves.
This particular Asian Sheephead Wrasse caught on tape is estimated to be 30 years old. These fish are said to live on shellfish and crustaceans from the floor of the ocean.