Mid-Atlantic Ocean Rowing Speed Record

Thomas having a taste of the food he will be eating during this challenging voyage

Thomas Cremona from Malta is to form part of the Row4Cancer team. Thomas will be the first Maltese to row across the Atlantic and attempt to break the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Rowing Speed Record. He met up with the team for a sea trial and the crew selection for the final two places left on board Sara G. They will be setting off from Morocco in January and finishing off in Barbados.

You can read the whole story and see a video interview (in English) with Thomas on this link
You can also read in more detail and see a map etc on the Ocean Rowing site HERE


Joe said…
Very nice story. I think I will steal a pic and throw it up with a link back to you. ;)
Bunty said…
Thanks Horsey. That would be great - the more awareness of the event the better. It would be good if you could throw a link back to the actual ocean rowing set up too. Thanks alot.