Renovation Work Starts on San Pupulju Farmhouse

Renovation/refurbishment work has finally started on our larger farmhouse, San Pupulju, in Gozo. It is turning out to be quite a major renovation as this will, in the future, be our family home. Before it will be home we will be renting the house out on holiday lets for a couple of years or so.
For those who know the house, the single bedroom together with the stone staircase up to the roof plus the entrance hall and downstairs shower room are all being demolished to make the courtyard even bigger. We will be putting in a small to medium size swimming pool and making a few alterations in the courtyard trying to keep its character as much as possible.
Although we will be losing the single bedroom, we will be adding another double bedroom up on the roof opening up to almost 360 degree views over Ghammar Hill and round to the Gordan lighthouse and the Basilica of Ta'Pinu. The roof terrace will very much be a focal point with BBQ area and comfortable seating under an attractive gazebo.
The kitchen will change place moving to the previous dining room making this a truly beautiful farmhouse kitchen making use of all its features. The sitting room will move to the former kitchen which now has a large attractive window with window seat which will overlook the pool and courtyard. We will also be installing a cast iron stove for the colder winter months - this we hope to incorporate into one of the three attractive 'manger' features spread around this room.
There will be many other smaller changes always in keeping with the original attractive features and feeling that our lovely exudes. It is an exciting time and I just hope that the final result will fit the picture I have in my mind!


Mo's Spot said…
A big job! Sounds very exciting-I'm sure it will be lovely.
PeconicPuffin said…
I like the renovation work on the blog, Bunty! A good look.

Now for some windsurfing...
Bunty said…
Maureen - yes a massive job! But looking forward to the progress and getting on with it and putting all my ideas together.

Puffy - I wish I could put some windsurfing stuff on but have not been down for so long cos of no wind and the good day we had I missed cos I was abroad! Oh well - hopefully have something to post soon.
John said…
Looks like you have a busy, dusty time ahead, I have a house in Munxar and what to redesign the stairs can you put me in touch with a good builder and architect? Not back on Gozo until 10 Sept. Thanks

Bunty said…
Email me thru (contacts page) and I will email you the details of our builder and architect. This is the 3rd house we are doing with them and they are excellent. Our first house was in Munxar.