Had A Windsurf ................ Finally!

At last managed to get out on the water after at least 2 months I think of no windsurfing. Not sure exactly how long ago it was the last time I went down but it feels like a VERY long time!
I managed to get in a very quick hour between one thing and another and I enjoyed every minute of it. Such a nice feeling to be out on the water again - used Anton's Fanatic Freewave 86L (first time - foot pads are so comfy) and Tushingham 4.7m sail. By the time I came up I was overpowered and the board was too big. Wind was quite northerly but at least steady and behind the island seemed the best area to sail. As I only had an hour it was quite a teaser and am just longing for a nice full day/afternoon VERY soon (though the forecast for next week is very light winds).


PeconicPuffin said…
It's been five weeks since I've windsurfed so I know what you mean! Congratulations on a decent session.
Meanwhile if I hadn't discovered SUPing I'd be pulling my hair out.

Still, it's summer!
Bunty said…
You certainly seem to be getting the hang of SUP'ing and it looks like great fun and you seem to have had some fun waves to do it on too. Here summer is always the same - just the odd day here and there which is windsurfable in some decent wind. Otherwise fishing and snorkelling takes over!