Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Wind

We have had a couple of good days windsurfing - yesterday was really good! Today is also looking promising so hopefully will get a sail in shortly. Hands are a bit worse for wear as they they have gone very soft over the summer, so blistered everywhere...............but will grin and bear the pain to make the most of the wind!
Above are a couple of shots taken from Tommy with his GoPro HD wide angle. Really wish I had the updated GoPro but can't afford to spend anymore on camera equipment right now! I love the shot with Dana looping in the background.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Update on Team Seb & Ben - Malta 49er Sailing Team

For some updated info and videos from Team Seb & Ben (Malta's 49er Olympic hopefuls) go onto their website


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lampuki Season is On

The ''Hakuma Matata'' was loaded with all the bricks and ''Kanizzati'' ready to lay the ''Cimi'' (pronounced chee mee) out at sea for the start of the Lampuki fishing season which officially starts at midnight tonight.
Once everything was stacked on board the parish priest gave the boat a traditional blessing.

It's so nice to see these old traditions still going on. It was such a joy to watch.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

New Fanatic Trailer Out


Had A Windsurf ................ Finally!

At last managed to get out on the water after at least 2 months I think of no windsurfing. Not sure exactly how long ago it was the last time I went down but it feels like a VERY long time!
I managed to get in a very quick hour between one thing and another and I enjoyed every minute of it. Such a nice feeling to be out on the water again - used Anton's Fanatic Freewave 86L (first time - foot pads are so comfy) and Tushingham 4.7m sail. By the time I came up I was overpowered and the board was too big. Wind was quite northerly but at least steady and behind the island seemed the best area to sail. As I only had an hour it was quite a teaser and am just longing for a nice full day/afternoon VERY soon (though the forecast for next week is very light winds).

Friday, August 06, 2010

Maltese Luzzu for Sale in England!

My husband came across a very interesting thing the other day while searching on ebay. He found a Maltese Luzzu for sale which is presently on Lake Windemere in England. Not exactly a place one would expect to find a Luzzu. For those who have no idea what a Luzzu is - it is the traditional Maltese fishing boat - it originally had sails before motor power came in.

There is a website dedicated specially to this particular boat which gives a complete history from when it was bought in Malta, the shipping of it to England, the restoration and launching and sailing of it on Lake Windemere. It makes some very interesting reading!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

New Website for Learning Disabilities and Disorders

OS3 ( they designed our Gozo Farmhouse Rentals website ) has launched a new website that is designed for teaching/learning, specifically for special needs children and adults. If you know anyone in the teaching profession or family/friends that have special needs persons as in autistic, dyslexic, suffering from some kind of brain injury etc. then please forward this website to them. The link is:


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Fanatic Channel on Youtube

Fanatic now how have their own Youtube channel and this is what they say so far:

''Fanatic now also created an Youtube Channel with all product teasers fromAddicted to Ride 6. Here we have uploaded the original HDV files and the result is 5 different compression sizes from 360p up to HD 1080p. The Slalom- and Freeride teaser will follow in October.''


Monday, August 02, 2010

Renovation Work Starts on San Pupulju Farmhouse

Renovation/refurbishment work has finally started on our larger farmhouse, San Pupulju, in Gozo. It is turning out to be quite a major renovation as this will, in the future, be our family home. Before it will be home we will be renting the house out on holiday lets for a couple of years or so.
For those who know the house, the single bedroom together with the stone staircase up to the roof plus the entrance hall and downstairs shower room are all being demolished to make the courtyard even bigger. We will be putting in a small to medium size swimming pool and making a few alterations in the courtyard trying to keep its character as much as possible.
Although we will be losing the single bedroom, we will be adding another double bedroom up on the roof opening up to almost 360 degree views over Ghammar Hill and round to the Gordan lighthouse and the Basilica of Ta'Pinu. The roof terrace will very much be a focal point with BBQ area and comfortable seating under an attractive gazebo.
The kitchen will change place moving to the previous dining room making this a truly beautiful farmhouse kitchen making use of all its features. The sitting room will move to the former kitchen which now has a large attractive window with window seat which will overlook the pool and courtyard. We will also be installing a cast iron stove for the colder winter months - this we hope to incorporate into one of the three attractive 'manger' features spread around this room.
There will be many other smaller changes always in keeping with the original attractive features and feeling that our lovely exudes. It is an exciting time and I just hope that the final result will fit the picture I have in my mind!


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