Enjoying England

Found an opportunity to put something up on the blog after a bit of an absence. Still in the UK and have to say it has been a visit I have thoroughly enjoyed. Having come over for a family wedding we have done a bit of 'touring' which is something I have not done in the UK for a very long time. We travelled down to Devon/Cornwall thru some very pretty villages and had alot of fun just reading the typically English village names and sweet names that some of the farms and cottages have.

Right now am not able to upload any photos but will do so once I am back home. We have done some very 'English Holiday' things and it was great fun experiencing the typical English holiday maker down by the seaside and pretty litte fishing villages. Also stayed in a lovely location in Beaulieu staying at a rather eccentric B&B situated on the River Beaulieu.

Photos to come!


PeconicPuffin said…
Go to Ireland and catch some wave sailing!
Joe said…
I have been going through Bunt withdrawals. Did you have tea and scones? (that and dr. who pop into my brain when i think about the uk)
Bunty said…
Puffy - Ireland? Far to expensive to go there from the UK - cheaper from Malta!!

Horsey - I'm back - have some catching up to do. And yes ate some lovely scones with Cornish clotted cream............yuuummmy! And Dr. Who - that's another story!