Back Home

Back home after a very successful trip to the UK - some photos to follow later.
Always nice to be back home but do miss my best friends already.

It seems I missed an excellent windsurfing day at Ghallis on Sunday - probably the only good day there would be for all summer - damn! Maybe a possibility of some time on the water on Wednesday - fingers crossed.

Happy to see that somebody has missed me blogging! Thanks Horsey for being such a faithful follower (big smiley).

Photos to follow.


Joe said…
I'm glad you had a great time. Any chance you will be posting pics here or on Facebook?
Bunty said…
Both - just trying to get myself sorted so I can then concentrate on having a session with all my pics.
Really cheesed off that I missed such a good day windsurfing here last Sunday :(((( Being summer God knows when we will get a good day like that again.