Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some English Scenes

British seaside at Looe in Cornwall - the sea temperature was probably the same as it is in the middle of winter here in Malta! Did not even dip my toe in - though the weather was quite warm.

The war memorial on Plymouth Hoe has loads of Maltese names on it. They were mainly cooks and stokers.

Stunning scenery driving through Darmoor

Yummy Cornish cream teas

Part of Plymouth harbour. The Island used to be a prison and there are tunnels leading from the land behind it under the harbour to the prison

Plymouth Hoe where Sir Francis Drake was famously playing bowls when the Spanish Armada were approaching

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back Home

Back home after a very successful trip to the UK - some photos to follow later.
Always nice to be back home but do miss my best friends already.

It seems I missed an excellent windsurfing day at Ghallis on Sunday - probably the only good day there would be for all summer - damn! Maybe a possibility of some time on the water on Wednesday - fingers crossed.

Happy to see that somebody has missed me blogging! Thanks Horsey for being such a faithful follower (big smiley).

Photos to follow.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Enjoying England

Found an opportunity to put something up on the blog after a bit of an absence. Still in the UK and have to say it has been a visit I have thoroughly enjoyed. Having come over for a family wedding we have done a bit of 'touring' which is something I have not done in the UK for a very long time. We travelled down to Devon/Cornwall thru some very pretty villages and had alot of fun just reading the typically English village names and sweet names that some of the farms and cottages have.

Right now am not able to upload any photos but will do so once I am back home. We have done some very 'English Holiday' things and it was great fun experiencing the typical English holiday maker down by the seaside and pretty litte fishing villages. Also stayed in a lovely location in Beaulieu staying at a rather eccentric B&B situated on the River Beaulieu.

Photos to come!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Carib Kids Dominate Lanzarote Freestyle

Gollito Pic from Boards

Sarah Quita-Offringa keeps her title Pic from Boards

Top Notch! Gollito, Sarah Offringa, Yoli Brendt and Kiri Thode Pic from Boards
Lanzarote is over and now the next great event is Gran Canaria. The Caribbean kids still rule where freestyle is concerned. Gollito seemed to have stunned everyone with his new cool move - and I quote from the article on Boards regarding the event:
''And, despite the conditions, Gollito took the opportunity to unleash his latest weapon of mass destruction which looked a bit like a back to sail bob variation. This then enthused even more of the sailors to hit the water, including Tonky Frans (F2, Gaastra), and Anthony Ruenes (Tabou, Vandal) who quickly turned their attentions to learning the new move. Needless to say, Gollito was nailing them with his eyes shut whilst the others fell at his feet. It’ll be interesting to see how the judges score the move when the competition gets underway.''
Look forward to seeing some more of John Carters great pics on the PWA site.


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