Team Seb & Ben

Pic taken from their Facebook page

Team Seb & Ben are doing the European circuit this summer as a start towards their bid to qualify in the 49er Class for the 2012 Olympics in England.

They have just recently updated their equipment and have a new boat which should help gain a bit of boat speed after sailing a pretty old hull up until now.
So far they have competed in regattas in France, Italy and Holland and their next lot of races should take place in Kiel, Germany during Kiel week between the 19th and 23rd of this month. The big test will take place in Poland in July during the European Championships which should give them a very good idea where they stand (at least European wise) at this stage of their training.

We know all the sailing and surfing community here in Malta wish them both the best of luck. It is going to be far from 'plain sailing' (excuse the pun!!) for them but have to say I admire the guts they have to do it cos it is pretty tough going.

Good luck boys - Forza Malta!