Lovely Snorkelling!

I took the pic off the internet cos didn't have a camera with me, but this is where I was snorkelling yesterday.
Yesterday afternoon my daughter and a friend went down for a dive in Cirkewwa. I don't dive but went along and snorkelled above them until they disappeared into the abyss. I snorkelled a bit before coming back up feeling a bit 'exposed and alone' without a snorkelling buoy tied to me. The water was heaven and crystal clear and a very refreshing temperature - 19C. Once up and having a lovely quiet read of my book in the late afternoon sun I , yet again, had to thank God for the wonderful life I lead on this tiny bit of rock in the middle of the Med! Sometimes I take so many things for granted and I need to keep reminding myself that people pay hundreds to spend a week or two in a place I live in all year round. Living here is obviously not one big holiday, but I certainly cannot complain!


Joe said…
Yeah, you've got it pretty good. Wind, waves and warm water..I wish we had warm water.