Ghallis Today!

This afternoon was one of those very enjoyable sails/surfs when I felt really comfortable with the kit etc and I felt really good enjoying a fun afternoon on the water.

No piccies but just LOVED surfing today. Hope it won't be too long till we get some more good wind - we don't get so much in the summer months though, but who knows maybe we will have a good summer season with a bit of everything to be able to enjoy windsurfing and the boat aswell!


PeconicPuffin said…
The comfortable relaxing summer session...the stuff of good dreams!

We don't get much wind during the summer on our side of the pond either. May we all have breezy summers!
alisia said…
wow i am so jealous of you! In a nice way :) I don't live anywhere near a coast, but i love windsurfing and the sea life!!