Maria Bambina School Kite Flying for Puttinu Cares Fund

Each kite on this multi kite represented one of the Grand Masters of the Knights of Malta

The minister made an appearance - I think he was hoping to break his day up and enjoy a few minutes of some kite flying, but unfortunately there was not enough wind at this point

They finally managed to get the oriental kite flying and together with the Grand Masters kite and a couple more made a very attractive display

Someone is obviously a very keen Manchester United fan!

Sending up 'The Grand Masters of Malta'
This morning the beach was filled with little feet, excited screams and shouts, buckets and spades, endless digging of trenches and sand castle building and not forgetting the most import........ kites, all made by the school children themselves. The local Mellieha primary school, Skola Maria Bambina, organised a fund raising kite flying event in aid of Puttinu Cares for children with cancer. Unfortunately, whereas there is normally always a moderate (or at least a light to moderate) wind blowing, this morning there was a very light variable wind making it almost impossible to fly the kites. Nevertheless - who's complaining? I am quite sure the kiddies were delighted to have a day on the sand rather a day in the classroom!
Puttinu Cares is a charity with a very worthwhile cause. Please click on the link and have a read..............and even better make a donation!