A Maltese traditional bus which was saved from the scrap yard to be lovingly restored is set to depart for the UK, where it will be used in promotional activities.

This article was taken of www.di-ve.com. Have to admit it is sad to see our lovely old Malta buses being taken over by the modern ones which have absolutely no character whatsoever (and please don't argue that they are airconditioned in the summer cos the air conditioning is never on!)

''The old DBY364, which came out of service around 3 years ago, is a true hybrid traditional bus, with a Leyland engine in a modified 1943 Bedford QL army truck chassis and a Maltese Sammut body. It has since been restored at Zinnu Bus & Coach Works to incorporate much of its original body, including flared twin headlights and side panels. The side door was also moved back to its original position when 2-man crews were evident. The restored bus had just one Maltese appearance since being rebuilt – at last Sunday’s Annual Commercial Truck & Bus Rally in Pembroke – and it will be her last. On Thursday, the bus is set to take the ferry to Genoa before undertaking a 1,000km-journey to Calais to catch a ferry into Dover to reach its final destination in Kent. It will be used in promotional activities for both business and tourism by the Maltese authorities in London.''